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inVue for Cargas includes the following advanced features:

  • cargas-logo.pngCustomer Look-up
  • Create Delivery
  • Service Order
  • Customer Price Plans
  • Payment & Credit Card Entry
  • Create Account Notes
  • Delivery Maintenance/Tank Monitor
  • Add & Modify Customer Accounts

Customer Service with Cargas

When you integrate Cargas Customer Service software with your public facing website, customers can access the basic information for which they might otherwise call the office:

  • General account information
  • Account balance
  • Budget program status
  • Payment history
  • Delivery locations
  • Delivery history
  • Service locations
  • Service history
  • Service plan status


PriMedia develops custom portals which show only the relevant information for that client:

  • Manage and link multiple accounts
  • Estimate budget payments
  • Trigger email and text reminders:
    • Tune-ups
    • Service plan enrollments
    • Price protection enrollments
  • Simplify online payments via an embedded document viewer
  • Send account data to other applications …

Expanded Customer Look-up Applications

Delivery Requests and Service Orders

Using the Customer Service data to drive functionality, PriMedia’s inVue for Cargas simplifies delivery and service ticket applications.

  • Requests managed by custom logic:
    • By type of customer
    • Minimums/Maximums
    • Service Request Type (non-emergency)
  • Writes back as Delivery Order or Service Order

Price Protection Plans

InVue for Cargas also utilizes the Customer Service data to provide binding online price protection contracts.

  • Custom logic:
    • Type of customer
    • Minimum/Maximum protected gallons
    • Lock-outs for new customers
  • Offer multiple plan options:
    • Pre-paid
    • Capped
    • Fixed
  • Lock in contract online
  • Collect digital signature
  • Writes back as Price Plan


Payment and Credit Card Entry

With inVue for Cargas, you can get paid more quickly with online payments. Reduce accounts receivables with digital presentment and payment options, all connected through your Cargas software.

  • Driven by Customer Service data
  • Managed by custom logic
  • Integrates with Tiger, Avatas, and other payment gateways
  • Enable customers to store and edit payment methods with credit card vaulting:
    • Automated secure token exchange
    • Set up recurring billing
  • Writes back as Payment


Additional Services

Every client’s inVue for Cargas portal is custom developed, allowing PriMedia to expand the customer service experience as well as the back-end administrative features to enhance your company’s operations and procedures. By utilizing the information available through the Cargas software and programming the custom logic required, the applications are virtually limitless. Here are a few of our more popular additional services:

Create Customer Notes

  • Keeps track of all customer transactions
  • Writes notes into customer accounts
  • Records any action taken or notification sent:
    • Customer updated account information
    • Customer enrolled in price plan
    • System sent payment reminder


Delivery Maintenance / Tank Monitor

  • Integrates with Wesroc® or other remote monitoring systems
  • Pulls live tank readings
  • Displays current reading on customer portal
  • Imports data into customer account


Add & Modify Customer Accounts

  • Enables current customers to manage their account information:
    • Edit account information, delivery and service locations, and other data available through Cargas Energy software
  • Enables new customers to be set up as an active account when paired with our New Customer Enrollment Module

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